Looking Back on 2021!

Updated: Jan 7

As our club starts to plan for 2022, let’s reflect on 2021.

What a year! Covid-19 has tested us all. Dealing with lock down, contact tracing and sanitizing. All this has been a huge task for staff and management but I feel having to work together dealing with the ever changing rules, we have finished 2021 stronger and wiser. Our small numbers of volunteers are responsible for all this extra work keeping your club open. We have seen many clubs and restaurants close under the pressure. All the many positive outcomes from 2021 helped.

2021 has been a roller coaster with the kitchen. It was sad to see China Panda leave but totally understand; running two businesses so far apart is difficult. The absence of suitably priced and available accommodation in Palmwoods did not help. Then we had Mat & Kate who were with us only a short time. We were very excited with their menu it was what we had been looking for. We hope they are dealing with the medical issues within their family.

We then reached out to Paula in her retirement from the sausage roll factory. Paula has been a life saver taking up our commitment for functions booked. Cel, a friend of Paula’s, came on board with meals. Taste of Africa menu was a new experience for us and was beginning to gain popularity with our customers. Unfortunately the Covid-19 vaccination requirements meant he had to move on. Having the kitchen contracted out to a caterer is a hard ask. We cannot guarantee them customers; with the new venue’s now in Palmwoods it is getting a bigger problem. Over 2021 we had many functions, from wakes to 100th birthdays. This may be our niche. We can offer a tropical garden atmosphere or formal dining. With the planned renovations to the kitchen we hope it will attract a new caterer offering meals and functions.

We have exciting theme nights planned for the coming year. February dates include Chinese New Year, our regular blues night, St. Valentine’s Day and an Italian night, check out the web site and face book. Please come along and support your club.

The bowlers have had a busy year; the committee has done an excellent job in keeping the calendar full. It is a great sight to see the greens full of players. The quality of the greens and our club surrounds is a result of our hard working green keepers, volunteers and the contractor. The bowls events for 2022 have been planned so keep a look out on the web site, face book and on the notice board at the club. Our army of sandwich makers continue to make our bowls days memorable. Extra helpers are always needed in running and catering for these days.

Our staff has played a tremendous part in our successful year; unfortunately Covid has had a hand in some changes. Our staff and volunteers are our point of difference; we offer excellent service from courteous and efficient staff.

Our biggest excitement and worry is the planned renovations. Looking at old minutes the exact same renovations have been planned in the past, but for whatever reason were never carried out. The problem with the placement of the kitchen has been recognized previously and I feel without the relocation it will continue to impact on the ability for us to offer regular meals.

This is my first attempt at a blog so watch this space.



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