Palmwoods Bowls Club Monthly Rant from our Chairperson

Recently I have been listening to pod casts from The Hidden Why, check it out. The interview with Paige Arnof-Fenn a marketing consultant highlighted the need for a brand. A consistent brand that is recognised. All the big guys have it, the golden arches, the apple symbol, the Niki tick; we immediately know what we get. Can Palmwoods Bowls Club create this? We use the palm tree with a symbolized bowling ball is that immediately recognised in our community? What do we expect to get when we see this symbol?

Our marketing lets us down. We have been restrained with finance, but we have come out of the last two Covid years in a better financial position, so now my mantra is you have to speculate to accumulate. We need to look at what our brand stands for and what we are offering. Get a clear message out there, highlight all the great aspects of our club and expand on them. Who are our patrons, what is it they want in a place like ours? Are we offering the best?

I’m not a great fan of social media, maybe that is my age, it is a huge platform to get your message out but does it get to our demographic? Advertising is such a fickle avenue, how do we know we are getting the best bang for our buck. We ran an extensive radio campaign last year and I have had minimal reference to it. We constantly post items on Facebook; the likes are mainly from our own Palmwoods bowlers and regulars. My other common statement is “do what we do well and clients will come”, but unless the community knows what we do they don’t know we exist. How many times when showing someone around so they can book a function do I hear we have lived here for many years but did not know this was here!!!! The Palmwoods locals are not aware they don’t have to be a bowler to come and enjoy the friendly tropical atmosphere we offer.

Passion is also a common thread. I have a passion to see our club succeed. What is passion is this desire, excitement or an obsession? I think it is all of these. I could add in pure pig headedness. If I start a project I don’t like it to beat me. This is my downfall, I struggle with failure and I have failed but it still bugs me. I’m impatient; I want things to happen now. I can see the desired outcomes and get frustrated when others don’t. Without the desire to succeed and progress why do we do what we do? Certainly not for any monetary rewards or photos on the wall. We see the potential and are willing to put in the effort to get there.

We are jumping into a major renovation commitment, borrowing lots of money. The Bowls Club has been down this path before and obviously it all became too hard and changes were never made. I can fully understand that now, the hoops that are required to be jumped are growing. It is frustrating to have to spend so much on red tape before we hammer a nail.

I continue to draw inspiration and knowledge from my many acquaintances and friends. These are the people that feed my obsession.

I hope my ravings give you and insight into my passion to make our club the best on the Sunshine Coast.



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