Palmwoods Scroungers Rules


  1. Individual Competition – No teams

  2. Each rink has 3 players – numbers will dictate (can be groups of 3 or 4)

  3. 3 player groups play 18 ends (other groups determined by both number of players and number of bowls).

  4. Each player uses 3 bowls or groups greater than 3 players can use 2 bowls.

  5. The player first on the scorecard rolls the jack on the first end.

  6. The jack is not centred after rolling – it is played as it lies.

  7. Each player then bowls a single bowl in the sequence of the score card.

  8. This sequence is repeated until all bowls are exhausted.

  9. If the jack is either hit or rolled into the ditch/out of bounds, it is re-spotted on the tee.

  10. Any bowl out of bounds but not removed, remains out of play for that end regardless of subsequent movement.

  11. Any bowl in the ditch is out of play regardless of it having touched the jack.

  12. Scoring is as follows:

    1. 4 points to the bowl closest to the jack.

    2. 3 points to the next closest bowl.

    3. 2 points to the next closest.

    4. 1 point to the bowl 4th in distance from the jack.

    5. A total of 10 points is allocated each end.

  13. Penalties – Players are penalised for the following occurrences:

    1. Jack rolled into ditch – 3 points.

    2. Jack knocked into ditch – 3 points.

    3. Jack rolled out of bounds – 3 points.

    4. Jack knocked out of bounds – 3 points.

    5. Bowl bowled into ditch – 3 points (no penalty if bowl hit into ditch).

    6. Bowl bowled out of bounds – 3 points (no penalty if bowl hit out of bounds).

  14. Once the first end is completed, play continues in the sequence determined by the point score of the previous end (Player scoring 4 points rolls the jack and bowls first etc)

  15. Measuring is not forbidden but discouraged - use 3rd team member for assistance.

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